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Subject: RE: [security-services] SAML references

> That's not true anymore -- all the SAML V2.0 docs, including the 
> individual schema files, are in docs.oasis-open.org and are intended 
> to be totally persistent.  But we only get those URLs once the files 
> are OASIS Standard level, I think, so it's after the fact somewhat.

Right, I was referring mainly to the Kavi links.

> In all seriousness, actually, I would rank them this way; let me 
> know if anyone disagrees:
> Help get Tech Overview revision published
> Revise SSTC site
> Create (and maintain) spec template
> Redline errata draft

I can only speak for myself, I think the redline is vastly more important
than the rest. I am fully willing to help, and I'll particularly volunteer
to help maintain it going forward, I just don't have the cycles to take it
all on from scratch.

-- Scott

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