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Subject: RE: Experiment in "redline" version of core spec

> This should reflect all Core-related edits contained in the 
> SSTC-approved instructions in errata-32 (I haven't gotten to 
> errata-33 yet, and note that some PEs ask for edits to more than one 
> spec but I haven't gotten to that either).  Since you all have your 
> names associated with one or more PEs whose edits are included here, 
> I wanted to ask you to check that the edits were done correctly.

They looked pretty good, it's mainly the AllowCreate changes I need to go
over more closely.

> Let me also take this opportunity to ask for your feedback on the 
> general form of the errata composite, before I go and do the same 
> thing to Bindings, Profiles, etc.:
> - Does the title page text sound about right?

It's a little overly explicit for my taste. It reads so loose that people
would look at it and think "well, it's not real yet, so I can ignore it".

Somebody needs to propose an errata process to OASIS.

> - To make it easier to read, should I permanently "accept" the 
> changes that appear on the title page?

I would.

> - Would it be useful for me to turn all the "[PEnn]" text sprinkled 
> around the spec into hyperlinks to the latest version of the errata 
> doc?  (I'd have to update them all every time I revised the 
> composite, since we don't have a persistent URL for the "latest" 
> errata doc.)

I don't think it's worth doing unless they're persistent and no work to

Is there a rule that says TC documents have to be kept in Kavi? You can
probably tell where I'm headed with that...

-- Scott

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