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Subject: Re: comments: draft-sstc-saml-metadata-ext-query-02

On 8/28/06, Scott Cantor <cantor.2@osu.edu> wrote:
> > > [line 116, 138, 160] These lines refer to the SAML V1.x Metadata
> > > Profile, which does not apply, however, since any type derived from
> > > md:RoleDescriptorType is undefined. Thus these types are not profiled
> > > for use with SAML 1.x metadata.  This is a serious omission.
> >
> > After reading the latest version of the SAML V1.x Metadata Profile, I
> > don't see how this problem has been fixed.
> I don't see any issues with the current draft documents, and haven't changed
> any of the related text for the new drafts. You'll have to identify what you
> think is wrong. The RoleDescriptor exclusion has been removed from the
> underlying profile, and I saw no other issues of concern.

Where is protocolSupportEnumeration specified for a standalone V1.1
attribute requester?


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