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Subject: SAML on Wikipedia

Someone just pointed out to me that the SAML entry on Wikipedia has 
a bunch of SAML V1.x information but nothing on SAML2.


It would be great if someone could sign up to get the SAML2 story on 
there.  There's probably a lot of content in JeffH's short doc and 
the technical overview that can be reused for this.  I'm happy to 
make the originals of the tech overview graphics available too, if 
that's of interest.

I'm overloaded with existing action items at the moment (and likely 
to stay that way through November; for one thing, I will be on 
vacation Nov 15-25) but would hate to see the page stay this way, 
given that there's so much fodder to work with.

So, any interest?

Eve Maler                                         +1 425 947 4522
Technology Director                           eve.maler @ sun.com
CTO Business Alliances group                Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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