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Subject: SAML: deployments of, and references to; from OASIS Adoption Forum2006

The procedings of the 2006 OASIS Adoption Forum (28,29-Nov-2006, London) are here..


SAML figures prominently in many of the talks. Below, I've sorted the talks by 
whether they are discussion actual SAML implementations and/or deployments, 
planning to use SAML, or the talk references SAML in context.

The presos illustrate a large and growing SAML deployment community, apparently 
amounting to millions of identities in aggregate, in the near future if not now.

Deployments/Implementations Employing SAML...

Keynote Presentation - The NHS, Standards, Security & Identity Management
Mark D. Ferrar

Real Life Solution, Real Life Problems: A-Select, An Open Source Federated 
Identity Management Solution
Maarten Koopmans

The Identity and Authorization Management in e-Government System: Requirements 
and Implemention Methods
Chuan Liu

The Role of SAML for Identity Management in the Danish Public Sector
Søren Peter Nielsen

GUIDE Project for a Consistent Approach to Identity Management Across the EU 
and Its Use of SAML and Liberty Alliance
Keiron Salt

XML, Web Services and SOA: Data Protection and Privacy Opportunities and 
Challenges in the Government Sector
Rich Salz

Deployments planning to employ SAML...

Case Study: The British Columbia Attorney General implementation of Web 
Services Security
Toufic Boubez

References to/of SAML...

The Need of SDO Collobaration as an Enabler of SOA in NGN
Abbie Barbir

Towards Trusted Web Services
Kevin Blackman (see slide 28)

XML Security Standards: Overview for the Non-Specialist
Hal Lockhart

Practical Cases of One e-Identity for Different Web-Solutions
Zivko Lazarov (also mentiones OpenID 2 :(  )

ITU-T Presentation
Georges Sebek

Of course these reference SAML...

XML Security Standards: Overview for the Non-Specialist
Hal Lockhart

Extensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) Update
Hal Lockhart

[at time of writing this msg, the content of the above two .ppt files was 
reversed relative to their labeling on the web page (and above). i reported the 
bug, it may be resolved at some point]


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