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Subject: RE: [security-services] SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) Service for Google Apps

> What are people's thoughts about what, if anything, should be done by
> the TC to 'police' implementations of the specification?

It's probably not our role to police anything, but as open source versions
filter out, people will have more readily available ways to test one-off
implementations, and we should encourage that with links on the site.

Unless somebody's willing to volunteer effort to play a more active
clearinghouse role in testing, maybe short of what Liberty does for
conformance, but more than just eyeballing things, I'm not sure what else we
can do.

I'd rather see the TC spend its time creating more profiles reflective of
how real products get used to improve the out of the box experience than get
bogged down in official policing. The state of metadata support in products,
for example, seems to be completely atrocious.

-- Scott

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