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security-services message

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Subject: raw minutes (w/o attendance) for April 22, 2008

Quorum achieved.

1. Approve minutes from March 25, 2008

	- approved, unanimous consent.

2. Administrative

2.1 SSTC Home Page
Older versions, extraneous content, etc.

	- How to organize SAML home page? Can some of this information be migrated to Wikis?
	- Hal calls for proposals - we first need to see this..
	- Eve to look into this, but can only investigate mid-May..

3. Document Status

3.1 Subject-based Profiles for SAML V1.1 Assertions (Draft-03)

	- Motion - move document to CD status, Tom Scavo moves, Jeff Hodges seconds..
	- Motion passes without any objection

	- Motion - move document to public review, Tom Scavo moves, Eric Tiffany seconds..
	- Unanimous consent

	- AI: Tom Scavo to update to CD format
	- AI: Brian will submit to OASIS admin for public review

3.2  Five specs approved as Committee Specifications
Looks like CS versions for LDAP/X.500 Attribute Profile, IdP Discovery
Service Protocol and Profile and the  "SimpleSign" Binding are still needed

	- Brian discusses next steps 
 	- Comments received from Sampo on Simple Sign binding
	- Where should comments be dealt with? Scott believes comments can be resolved in Errata.
	- General discussion - Sampo would like to see resolution of comments integrated 
	into specification
	- Resolution - first complete discussion of comments, figure out next steps after

	- Brian notes that three documented implementations required to progress docs further..

3.3 Technical Overview
CD 02 uploaded on 4/2, wiki updated, SSTC home page link updated

	- brian suggests spec marinate in doc repository for a while..

3.4 Holder-of-Key Web Browser SSO Profile Draft
New Draft uploaded 4/21

	- recent update, please review and comment..

4 Errata

4.1 A placeholder for tying up loose ends from all the discussion on the
last call

	- Scott hasnt updated the errata document yet
	- additional comments received on PE67
	- Metadata discussion - questions about how metadata specification is being used?
	- Scott to propose text with stronger language around presence and absence of elements in metdata

5 Other business

	- Two proposals from Sampo sent to the mailing list

	- how to add information about requested attributes to AuthNRequest
	- ui issues - concerning names


6 Action Items 
None as of 21 April 2008 04:14pm EDT

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