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Subject: SSTC Call 04/22/2008 Minutes

SSTC Concall Meeting Minutes = April 22, 2008

Roll Call:
Voting Members:
Brian Campbell    Ping Identity
Scott Cantor      Internet2
Eve Maler         Sun Microsystems
Jeff Hodges       NeuStar
Ari Kermaier      Oracle
Hal Lockhart      BEA Systems, Inc
Paul Madsen       NTT Corporation
Rob Philpott      EMC Corporation
Anil Saldhana     Red Hat
Tom  Scavo        NCSA
George Fletcher      AOL
David    Staggs      Veteran's Health Admin
Eric    Tiffany      Liberty Alliance Project
Emily    Xu      Sun Microsystems
Prateek    Mishra      Oracle

Kent  Spaulding      Tripod Technology Group
Sampo  Kellomki      Symlabs
Srinath Godavarthi   Nortel (Welcome)
Nate Klingenstein    Internet2 (Welcome)

Quorum Achieved: 15 out of 17 voting members.

1. Approve minutes from March 25, 2008

	- approved, unanimous consent.

2. Administrative

2.1 SSTC Home Page
Older versions, extraneous content, etc.

	- How to organize SAML home page? Can some of this information be 
migrated to Wikis?
	- Hal calls for proposals - we first need to see this..
	- Eve to look into this, but can only investigate mid-May..

3. Document Status

3.1 Subject-based Profiles for SAML V1.1 Assertions (Draft-03)

	- Motion - move document to CD status, Tom Scavo moves, Jeff Hodges 
	- Motion passes without any objection

	- Motion - move document to public review, Tom Scavo moves, Eric 
Tiffany seconds..
	- Unanimous consent

	- AI: Tom Scavo to update to CD format
	- AI: Brian will submit to OASIS admin for public review

3.2  Five specs approved as Committee Specifications
Looks like CS versions for LDAP/X.500 Attribute Profile, IdP Discovery
Service Protocol and Profile and the  "SimpleSign" Binding are still needed

	- Brian discusses next steps
  	- Comments received from Sampo on Simple Sign binding
	- Where should comments be dealt with? Scott believes comments can be 
resolved in Errata.
	- General discussion - Sampo would like to see resolution of comments 
	into specification
	- Resolution - first complete discussion of comments, figure out next 
steps after

	- Brian notes that three documented implementations required to 
progress docs further..

3.3 Technical Overview
CD 02 uploaded on 4/2, wiki updated, SSTC home page link updated

	- brian suggests spec marinate in doc repository for a while..

3.4 Holder-of-Key Web Browser SSO Profile Draft
New Draft uploaded 4/21

- recent update, please review and comment..
*  Feedback is requested on whether to integrate sections 2.4 and 2.5 of 
this draft for simplicity, or to leave them separate so that message 
processing is distinct from messaging.
*  Widening or narrowing of this profile to encompass or clarify use 
cases would be considered.
*  All other review and comment is gratefully accepted!

4 Errata

4.1 A placeholder for tying up loose ends from all the discussion on the
last call

	- Scott hasnt updated the errata document yet
	- additional comments received on PE67
	- Metadata discussion - questions about how metadata specification is 
being used?
	- Scott to propose text with stronger language around presence and 
absence of elements in metdata

5 Other business

	- Two proposals from Sampo sent to the mailing list

	- how to add information about requested attributes to AuthNRequest
	- ui issues - concerning names


6 Action Items
None as of 21 April 2008 04:14pm EDT

Anil Saldhana
JBoss Security & Identity Management
JBoss, A division of Red Hat Inc.

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