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Subject: Re: [security-services] draft unofficial SAML logos

Is the triangle motive deliberate reference to AOL?


=JeffH wrote:
> A graphic artist I know contributed this draft composite SAML logo idea
> (pro-bono). I was hoping I could host all the files on the saml.xml.org
> wiki,
> but it appears that one can only upload .jpg, .png, and .tif files. And
> also
> the image gets re-sized down to something pretty darn small. So that isn't
> very
> useful. But I did create a page there about it..
>    http://saml.xml.org/wiki/saml-logos
> I've uploaded all the files (draft-saml-logo-03.{eps,pdf,png,psd,tif}) to
> the
> "folder A.1: Version 2.0 Outreach" portion of the SSTC doc repository, and
> so
> there's a series of messages to this list with "draft-saml-logo-03" in the
> subject line, and containing links to each file. A browser-friendly
> rendering
> is this one..
> <http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/29723/draft-saml-logo-03.png>
> Note that this logo image is a composite one -- all the various components
> are
> separable, eg the abstract glyph can be used anywhere in relation to the
> "SAML"
> text, or not at all, or on it's own. The version text, eg "v2.0", can be
> present or absent.
> The logo was originally produced in PhotoShop (.psd), thus it might be
> editable
> in, eg, GIMP or other vector editors that understand the PhotoShop .psd
> file
> format.
> WRT where to go from here, I guess the TC can decide if (1) it wants to
> have an
> "official" committee logo for SAML at all, and if so, then (2) whether it
> wants
> to use this as-is or modify/enhance it. This was pro-bono work and it
> already
> chewed up some hours on the artist's part (she wishes to remain anonymous
> btw),
> so I don't know whether we can get mods done by the original artist.
> My suggestion is that we work with what we have here. Since the image is a
> composite of several components, we can move them around and alter the
> text
> ones and create several different overall logos. eg ones for SAMLv2,
> SAMLv1.1,
> just "SAML", etc.
> WRT Liberty Alliance interoperable branding, I can't find a logo there
> that's
> SAML-specifc. Rather there seems to be just the "Liberty
> Interoperable(tm)" logo..
> http://www.projectliberty.org/liberty/files/images/liberty_interoperable_tm_logo
> ..that is generic wrt underlying technology and it seems to apply to those
> having passed "Liberty Interoperability Testing Procedures for SAML...",
> thoughts?
> =JeffH
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