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Subject: [security-services] Minutes for SSTC Call 14 December 2010

Meeting Notes: 


1. Roll Call & Agenda Review.

[meeting note] Quorum was achieved.

2. Need a volunteer to take minutes.

[meeting note] Thinh Nguyenphu volunteered

3. Approval of minutes from last meetings:

- Minutes from SSTC Call on 30 November 2010:


[meeting note]  There was an update to the meeting minutes from Nate on
December 13:
No objection. Meeting minutes was approved.

4. AIs & progress update on current work-items:

  (a) Current electronic ballots: none currently open.
[meeting note] none.

  (b) Status/notes regarding past ballots: (none).
[meeting note] none

  (c) Kerberos related items. [Josh/Thomas]
      - Kerberos Attribute Profile: 
      - Status: Updated Attribute Profile uploaded.
      - Status: Seeking 15-day Public Review.

[meeting note] Thomas uploaded a new version.  The changes are great.
Thus, there will be another 15 days review.
Vote to move the document CD status: Hal: motion, and 2nd by Scott. No
objection. Motion passed.
Vote for 15 days review: Hal: Motion, 2nd by Nate. No objection. Motion

AI Thomas: requesting Marry to generate CD and Diff file.

  (d) SAML V2.0 Metadata Profile for Algorithm Support Version 1.0:
      - Status: seeking to move to CS status (?)

[meeting note]  Scott: The review period is over. There are some review
comments related to cross references changes.  Scott need more time to
prepare the document. Defer to January meeting.

  (e) Session Token Profile (Hal) -- Any updates?

[meeting note] Hal incorporated the comments and uploaded a new version
to the portal.  The main changes are: added required info; drop cookie
naming convention; and adding URI binding.
Hal seeks TC to comments on the new version.  Next step, Hal plans to
add schema examples and fragments.

  (f) NSN Attribute Management proposal (Thinh/Phil)
      - AI: Seeking to move to CD status.

[meeting note]  Thinh: There are couple comments on the mailing list,
and were addressed.  Chad was unable to provide detail comment at this

Vote to move the document to CDS status: Thinh: Motion, 2nd by Phil.  No
objection. Motion passed.
AI Thomas: requesting Marry to generate CDS package.

  (g) Channel binding proposal (Scott) - updates?
[meeting note] Scott: No update at this time

  (h) Metadata extension for Login/Discovery (Scott) - updates?
[meeting note] Scott: the document is ready to move CD. 
Scott: Motion to move the document to CD.  Hal: 2nd: No Objection.
Motion was approved.
AI: Thomas to contact Marry to prepare CDS package. See version 6
(November 16)

  (i) Enhanced Client or Proxy Profile (Scott) - updates?
[meeting note] Scott: No update at this time.

  (j) Metadata Extensions for Documentation/Registration (Chad) -
[meeting note] Chad gave an overview of the draft. There is will be new
update coming.
5. Assorted mail items:
[meeting note] None

6. Other items:
[meeting note] none

7. Next SSTC Call: 
   - No call on 28 December. 
   - Next SSTC meeting:   Tuesday 11 January 2011.

Happy Holiday everyone!!!!

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