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Subject: Re: [security-services] New Templates for SAML 2.1

On 1/21/14, 7:28 PM, "La Joie, Chad" <Chad.LaJoie@covisint.com> wrote:
>First question: given our new focus on having these thematic documents
>be, in some regards, "the starting point", should they come immediately
>after the overview in our part list (actual titles to be determined

I'm maybe in the minority, but still feel like having foundational
documents earlier is better, with the profiles at the end.

>Second question: we discussed the possibility of rolling security
>considerations into the various thematic documents.  Do we still think
>that's a good idea?

I do.

>Last question: we talked before about the general inadequacy of the
>conformance documentation.  Should we try and roll that in to the
>thematic documents?

I think we ought to look at conformance statements covering the profiles
individually, but not try and build overarching conformance classes that
cover the standard as a whole into those documents.

But I don't know what OASIS actually allows or requires these days.

-- Scott

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