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Subject: Re: Input to use case meeting

Hi Nigel!

> Hi Anders,
> I think you have done a reasonable job of describing the messages
> that are exchanged, if purple(tm) was used to implement case #1
> in the S2ML document. If I understand correctly you are saying
> it is possible to build the scenario with less 
> pre-configuration than is currently allowed or implied by
> the S2ML draft.

That is indeed exactly what we addressing.

> Do you have any views on the minimum configuration
> requirements that you could articulate to the list?

Not really, but the scheme presented allows configuration to be only
one URL and one trust (PKC) assigment per "e-relation".  This is what I
would call the "maximum" acceptable configuration  requirement.

However, I do not believe that this is enough.  Purple(tm) is currently going through
iterations that allows additional messages supporting creation, deletion, and quering of
partnerships using this scheme. I.e. these processes could be very nicely integrated
in business systems so they can (with a few exceptions) be performed by business administrators
instead of by system administrators and consultants.  And in an entirely interoperable way
supporting potentially millions of interconnected partners.  To achieve that, these processes must
be standardized.  Now, this is of course involves more than just "tweaking" some parameters!

Anders Rundgren

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