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Subject: Re: Shibboleth and credential negotiation


>> >I don't consider this as two extremes, I would rather characterize this
>> >as the *only* two possibilities, where (2) represent the current
>> >A2ML solution.  If there really is a *third* option what would that
>> >look like?
>> A third possibility is that a pre-configured set of attributes
>> get sent to the target, but the target gets to ask for others.
> Ooops!  Isn't that combining the worst possible options?
> But I agree, it is indeed *technically* possibility.

That's the point: there are a variety of schemes that
are technically possible.  Merits of a number of schemes
are being debated within the Shibboleth community.

My bee-in-the-bonnet is user choice of what attributes get
sent.  But I don't think this is an A2ML issue.

Rest assured that I will raise up the Shibboleth-related issues
that are pertinent to A2ML. Bob Morgan is no wallflower so I'm
certain he will too.

Marlena Erdos

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