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Subject: RE: [soa-blueprints] Coalogic and the SOA Business method..

I also put up some of the question and answer emails Steve and I had on various topics.
They are found under the FAQs. I'll try and flush out more the answers as I have a bit more time.

Also I put together a first draft of a conceptual organization chart for Coalogic that will help to show the mapping Steve seems to be indicating from the SOA Methodology drill downs.

Steve, double check the org chart to make sure I have captured enough detail for you.

Faqs - http://blueprints.jot.com/WikiHome/FAQs
Org Chart - http://blueprints.jot.com/WikiHome/Organization+Details

What I may do later on is have a proposed organizational chart to see if it will affect the Methodology that Steve is working on. This will help vet the methodology against organizational change at the level 3 and below.



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Subject: RE: [soa-blueprints] Coalogic and the SOA Business method..

I'm excited to review these, but am in Japan doing JavaONE and am pretty slammed...

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	Subject: [soa-blueprints] Coalogic and the SOA Business method..


	First two pictures are up on the Wiki http://blueprints.jot.com/WikiHome/SOA+Business+Blueprint revisions will start coming in the next few days as well as the subsequent levels.


	Comments more than welcomed.






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