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Subject: RE: [soa-blueprints] > Client Patterns

This is a good point.

The devil is in the details of the client is come respects.
The blueprints should cover the client variations as well since in some camps a portal is a type of service the customer is invoking that orchestrates and coordinates information from other services through a service client contract with the service providers of the backend.

I'll try and incorporate this into an area of the wiki to talk more about.

- Dan

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From: Mark Cowan [mailto:mcowan@adobe.com]
Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2005 8:38 AM
To: soa-blueprints@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [soa-blueprints] > Client Patterns


	I see much of the discussion focused on how the interplay of
processes at the back end can/should be or not be defined.  However
nothing about what happens on the glass.  Noting that the majority of
the patterns and anti-patterns are expressions of how services work
together but then are surfaced up to users through two mechanisms -
portals and clients.   I find myself questioning much about the patterns
used to describe how services should even interoperate on the back end.
Meaning - by focusing only on the back are we missing a big part of the


Mark Cowan
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