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soa-blueprints message

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Subject: Questions to the Group

1. Do we want to combine the SoaLogic (previously CoaLogic) with Generico Requirements?
    Proposal of how it would fit together:
	- "HR Supporting Service" would be based entirely on the Generico Requirements contribution
	    - Generico would be put into the following sections
		- HR Supporting Service Model
		- HR Supporting Service Architecture
		- HR Supporting Service Mapping

   This would give the Case Study currently on Kavi "working folder" the following parts:
    - An Enterprise View - Soa Logic
    - A Project View - Soa Logic product introduction "lawn vacuum"
    - A Supporting Service View - Generico 

   Would help in having the same people that would be working on a generico update contributing to a more exhaustive case study/blueprint realization.

2. Do we have a framework/blueprints document like the one on Kavi "working folder" to illustrate the general patterns that anyone can realize with the reference of a realization being the case study document?

3. Do we have a seperate methodology document or set of documents that faciliate a user of the framework/blueprints document to get to a realization?

So the proposal would be to have the following deliverables:
DOC-1. SOA Adoption Blueprints - creates a framework type document for anything that can be generalized
	- contains the work from the SOA Blueprints Concepts document from the Middleware group, within service types section
 	- contains some parts of the Capgemni contribution as a service model section			
DOC-2. SOA Case Study - Soa Logic - incorporates the work from the generic requirements document and the existing Soa Logic content
DOC-3. SOA Methodology - builds on the Capgemni contributions 



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