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Subject: Early pre-draft on two sections.

Just to demonstrate that I have not been completely lazy, here are  
two pre-drafts of sections on service operation and policies and  

Interactions with services.doc

Policies and Expectations.doc

Some points to note:

1. Total amount of text seems to have shrunk quite a bit.
     a. I have kept most of the prior text on policy, but have  
essentially removed the stuff on contract life-cycle and types of  
     b. The stuff on interactions has also been mostly a refactoring  
of the earlier text.

2. Originally, I had deleted a lot of context stuff; but now have  
included a short text on it. The logic is this: there are 3 pieces to  
service interactions: the information you exchange, the process/ 
behaviour of the service/consumer and the execution context of the  

Execution context allows us to state what a policy is: it is a  
relationship between the public aspects of the service and its  
execution context.

3. Policies and expectations fit together pretty well. Contracts are  
not only agreed upon policies but also ways of documenting expectations.

4. The focus on expectations is, to some extent, my bias. The reason  
is that expectations are inherently measurable, where induced actions  
are inherently non-measurable. So, although there is a real world  
effect of using a service, it is measured in terms of expectations.


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