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soa-rm-editors message

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Subject: editor's draft

I think (!) ! have done all the changes, including fixes to the  

Some points:

1. I did not add names to the arcs. I removed the labels on one  
figure for consistency. If we decide to add the labels then that will  
not be hard to do.

2. Issue 446 Used essentially the text proposed by Ken to explain  
figure 1

3. Issue 468 SOA is a means ... is a lead-in :)

4. bolding. I tried to follow all the issue markers for bolding first  
occ. only. However, its is entirely possible I missed some.

5. added a new entry to glossary: reference architecture.

6. unnumbered issue re glossary entry for visibility. rejected.

7. unnumbered issue re glossary entry for framework. kept entry. Ok  
to delete AFAIAC

8. all other glossary amendments made as suggested (with a couple of  
v. minor tweaks)

9. action items arising from last call also completed.

10. Do not have the list of acknowledgments yet. Cannot publish  
without it.

11. Rejected suggestion to have a 'dummy' errata page. There is  
already a pointer to an errata page at start of document.



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