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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] UML 2 model of SOA-RM Figure 1 (early iteration)

Thanks for the diagram Jeff.  I can incorporate the
diagram into the UML Model and update per the latest
diagram in the SOA RM specificaton.   

On another note,  I played around with trying to
represent the SOA Reference Model concepts in the UML
model.   The intent was to provide a mapping between
the RA model and the RM.   One approach was to map the
concepts using a class diagram and the command
pattern, but the concept of 'Real World Effects' did
not map to a command.  Another approach was to use an
Activity diagram.  The Activity diagram pictorially
looks like a close representation of the RM concepts,
but Activity diagramming rules were violated to
provide the pictorial representation. 

This brings me back to Frank's comment in today's
meeting that the RM is not a higher abstraction of the
RA but is meant as standard terminology for the RA.  I
don't believe we will have a strict UML mapping from
the RA to the RM.  

Any other thoughts on how to incorporate the RM
concepts into the RA UML model, let me know.


--- Jeffrey A Estefan <Jeffrey.A.Estefan@jpl.nasa.gov>

> Hi Danny,
> Here is a JPEG version of a UML 2 model of and early
> version of Figure 1
> from the SOA-RM spec.  The TC made the decision not
> to adopt the UML for
> drawings, which I agree was the correct decision for
> a specification of SOA
> vocabulary and concepts.  Again, it is dated so it
> does not show the
> Reference Architecture but rather "Generic SOA
> Blueprints."
> I can also be found under the "Presentations and
> General Information"
> section of the Documents tab in OASIS Reference
> Model TC Kavi site.
> Cheers...
>  - Jeff

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