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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Meeting Conflict Tomorrow


There was good feed back on the Architectural
Principles in yesterday's telecon.  Members will
update the Grab Bag wiki with additional ideas.


I updated the Architetectural Principles wiki page so
it only lists one set of Architectural Principles.



--- Jeffrey A Estefan <Jeffrey.A.Estefan@jpl.nasa.gov>

> Frank and members of the SOA RA SC,
> I'm attending and participating in a workshop this
> week and will be unable
> to attend tomorrow's (Wed) telecon.  If I recall
> correctly, the primary
> discussion point was going to be Architectural
> Principles.  Of course this
> is a subject I am very passionate about so it's
> unfortunate I'm going to
> miss the meeting.  I hope I'll be able to catch up
> on some of the major
> discussion points.
> Regards...
>  - Jeff Estefan, JPL

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