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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Comments on Service Participants

There was a side discussion at one point in the RM development (and it seemed OK there to leave some ambiguity) about whether the service consumer interacts with the service or the service provider.  It appears to usually be with the service unless there is, for example, an ambiguity in the service description that the service provider is asked to clarify.  Or, if there is a policy disconnect, this needs to be resolved with the service provider unless other policies are in place on how to automate the resolution process.

One other point for consistency with the RM:  the connection between Service and Capabilities in the first diagram should be "Accessed by" rather than "realized by".


On Jul 1, 2006, at 6:34 PM, Danny Thornton wrote:

Currently, Service Participants primarily discusses
consumers and providers. Needs, capabilities,
visibility, and semantics are also referenced to
provide a context.

The first question I would ask myself that would make
me read this section is "Who or what types of
participants are in an Internet/Enterprise SOA?"   The
section then has the opportunity to make the reader
aware of not only the types of participants but both
simple and complex relationships between the
participants.   Jeff set the stage for a more in depth
discussion of SOA participants in the paragraph that
discusses the participant duality.  Expanding on this
paragraph I would ask questions like, "What are
intermediaries, how do humans fit in (work flow as a
concrete example),  how do groups work. This would
also lead to a discussion of the relationship between
rights and responsibilities and roles of the various

I don't think the other sections go into detail about
the relationships of various participants like this


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