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Subject: Views and viewpoints

We had a discussion about formalizing a views and viewpoints in the  
face to face; and we had another discussion on the matter during  
today's telcon.

In order for this approach to make sense, it is important to have the  
right number of views; too many and it becomes unwieldy, too few and  
it becomes less useful.

 From this point of view (sic), we identified the following major  
views of the RA. The titles of these views are intended to be  
suggestive of the viewpoint; but are not cast in stone.

ServiceAsBusiness view
   "How are business needs met using SOA?" is the key question.
   Models in this view would fold existing sections:

   Needs and capabilities
   Real World Effect
   Business Processes

Service view
   "What are services, what support is needed and how are they  
   Models in this view would consist of:

   Service Description
   Service Visibility
   Interacting with services
   Service Transactions
   Service Composition and Choreography

Security in SOA
   "How can we be assured of the safety of using services?"
   Models in this view would include

   Security Threats
   Security policies
   Trust model
   Security enforcement

Deployment of SOA
   "What does it take to deploy SOAs?"
   This view would include the models:

   Management of services
   Governance in SOA
   Testing models for SOAs

Policies and Contracts
   "How do people express constraints in an SOA context?"
   In one reading, policies and contracts represents an important  
infrastructural element that needs to be focused on. Policies and  
contracts could be modeled in each of the views above, or in their  
own view.
    Specifically, we would model

   Policy and contract descriptions
   Policy/contract enforcement

We decided to open this discussion to the list before committing it  
to the WIKI. Comments would be welcome.

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