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Subject: OASIS SCA TC Relationship to the OASIS SOA RA SC

Hi All, 

A little info from the SCA Meeting being held in Palo
Alto, CA today.   The OASIS SCA TCs are focused on
standardizing declaritive deployment specifications
for components within an SOA-based enterprse.  If you
are familiar with J2EE, SCA is declaring service and
service composition XML deployment descriptors in an
EJB fashion.  During the meeting introduction, it was
stated that the SCA TCs would like to coordinate with
the OASIS SOA RM, OASIS SDD, Management-WSDM-SML, and
WS-* standards.

The SCA efforts started in Jan 06 as Open CSA and
currently have wide vendor support. Today is the
kick-off for the SCA TCs.

The SCA TCs are addressing implementation details so
they appropriately do not address topics that are
covered in the Business via Services view of the RA.
The OASIS SOA RA Interaction Model is very similar to
a SCA presentation given today on understanding the
core of SCA.  While SCA defines a composition of
services within an enterprise or even across
enterprises (by reference), it is not an orchestration
and does not define the temporal relationships between
the services.  It is meant to address the deployment
properties of offered services by an enterprise.  I
think an SCA descriptor could be a governance artifact
within the registry/repository - should we create a
meta-model for governance like we have for Service

Other sections of the RA that are complimentary to SCA
are Visibility, Policies and Contracts, Security, and

I see the SCA TC activities and the SOA RA SC
activities being complimentary and not conflicting.


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