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Subject: RE: [soa-rm-ra] Disambiguating Action (Part I)

Here are two questions that are in line with Danny's and Frank's messages:

1)	if functionality is what is discussed and captured before service inception and capability is what is captured after service inception, then what the service consumer is interested in, first of all? Functionality or capability realized via RWE?  
-	My answer is capability (what service  can provide, and only then - how). The Service Description has to answer two questions (among others): what [capability] service provides and how to use the service to get to this capability [functionality]

2)	A capability in RM (and in Kens explanation) sounds like a resource. In SOA eco-systems, how a consumer might even know about a Capability/resource other than through the services? 

Since service interface does not necessary reflect the capability, the only place left is the Service Description. If Capability and service Functionality are synonyms (according to Danny), then I am fine. But in this case, Capability does not exist w/o service functionality IN SOA ( outside SOA, it is out of the observation scope). Service functionality describes accessible Capability together with particular access results  RWE.

Frank has mentioned I agree with this. But, I find it hard -- using the language of WSDL  
and RMI -- to capture the notion of business services or business functionality.  Exactly, Frank, you are not alone in this because it is impossible to capture business behaviour, business capability and functionality and, finally, business RWE in the language which does not see further than technical interface  WSDL, RMI, IDL, COM, etc.

- Michael

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