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Subject: Service Management Model (simplified)

I've uploaded the following candidate Service Management Model to our Kavi site:
Keeping with our architectural principle of parsimony, I wanted to keep this very simple to start.
Couple of items of note.
1) No cardinality is shown.  A one-to-one association between the entities is implied.
2) Though not shown on the visual model, in the supporting text, we need to differentiate the notion of manageable service (or resource) from managed service (or resource).  A managed service is a manageable service but a manageable service is not necessarily a managed service.  In other words, just because a service has been instrumented so that it can be managed does not mean that it actually is managed.
3) The supporting text needs to state other examples of manageable resources (e.g., policies & contracts, descriptions, etc.).
4) I chose not to show on this first diagram the types of manageability capabilities (e.g., lifecycle manageability capability, monitoring manageability capability, QoS manageability capability, etc.).  I figured we could show these in another diagram when we introduce and talk about those specializations of manageability capability.  It could just be a simple inheritance hierarchy starting with the abstract manageability capability.  This helps us simplify the associations.
The definition of terms can start with the original set Frank started, but we'll need to clean up a few.  For example, I'm suggesting manageable service is not the same as managed service.
OK.  This should get us started!
 - Jeff

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