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Subject: Diagramming trust - another take (part 2)

One more thing.

A question I had left before was given a model of trust, what is  
different about SOA?  The answer is that in the past, we got trust by  
severely restricting the interactions and those that could  
participate.  The more trust we felt was needed, the more tightly  
coupled we made the corresponding system.

If SOA is to have an advantage, we need a fuller understanding of what  
trust and risk mean and what is an appropriate balance.  We need to  
assess trust and risk and act on those assessment while remaining part  
of the ecosystem and not just in a walled garden.


P.S. I put some comments between the attached diagrams in my previous  
email, and I found text after the first diagram included as additional  
attachments.  Sorry is there is any confusion.  If so, I'll resend  
more carefully.

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