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Subject: Re: Diagramming trust - another take (part 2)

On Apr 5, 2009, at 9:27 PM, Ken Laskey wrote:

> One more thing.
> A question I had left before was given a model of trust, what is  
> different about SOA?  The answer is that in the past, we got trust  
> by severely restricting the interactions and those that could  
> participate.  The more trust we felt was needed, the more tightly  
> coupled we made the corresponding system.

I think that this point is exactly right:
> If SOA is to have an advantage, we need a fuller understanding of  
> what trust and risk mean and what is an appropriate balance.  We  
> need to assess trust and risk and act on those assessment while  
> remaining part of the ecosystem and not just in a walled garden.
> Ken
> P.S. I put some comments between the attached diagrams in my  
> previous email, and I found text after the first diagram included as  
> additional attachments.  Sorry is there is any confusion.  If so,  
> I'll resend more carefully.

That must be because you are using a mac:)


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