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Subject: GCN Article: "Making Sense of SOA"



This just published in Government Computer News (GCN):




I’ve attached a copy of Chris Harding’s SOA Ontology because I already have an Open Group account. Note that this is now an Technical Standard released by The Open Group.


Some of us have worked with Chris and The Open Group SOA Work Group in the past.  This is evident in Appendix B of the standard.  Yet somewhere along the way, the SOA-RM has lost visibility with the rest of the GCN community out there.  It was the FIRST technical standard released from the open standards community that captured the “essence” of the SOA paradigm, but it’s now four years old so perhaps its fallen off the radar of the various industry rags out there.  It’s going to be interesting to see whether or not true harmonization will ensue from our collective open standards efforts or whether we continue on divergent paths with respect to producing and releasing technical standards related to the SOA paradigm.




- Jeff E.


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