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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Groups - New Editors' Draft, 21 Dec 2010 - Clean (Editors'Draft-2010-12-21 (Clean).pdf) uploaded

Here are a few notes on section 4.1.4 Architectural Implications:

1) "The description of service description indicates..." - typo 'description... description'

2) "Descriptions include reference to policies defining conditions of use and optionally 1851 contracts representing agreement on policies and other conditions" - this statement is wrong - Service Description DOES NOT include Service Contracts (which are derivatives from the Service Description). Moreover, a private nature of Service Contracts requires storing them separately. The only possible interpretation for 'contract' in the Service Description is a 'programatic contract' but I would use the word 'interface' instead of 'contract' in here

3) "Descriptions provide up-to-date information  on what a resource is, the conditions 1899 for interacting  with the resource..." - this should be represented as an Option. It is a service provider decides what is good for its service and what can attract future consumers. The provider is free to hide its resources in full. Instead, the Service Contract must articulate in full (vs. BTW)  Business Capabilities offered by the service, 

previous note relates to:
"The architectural mechanisms for determining willingness to interact will require 
2159 support for:
2160 o verification of identity and credentials of the provider and/or consumer;
2161 o access to and understanding of description;
2162 o inspection of functionality and capabilities;
2163 o inspection of policies and/or contracts" - the latter is the mistake (rooted in our residence to understand the difference between policies  and Service Contrcts, which may be expressed via policies but in essence are different animals).

- Michael

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Subject: [soa-rm-ra] Groups - New Editors' Draft, 21 Dec 2010 - Clean (Editors' Draft-2010-12-21 (Clean).pdf) uploaded

The document named New Editors' Draft, 21 Dec 2010 - Clean (Editors'
Draft-2010-12-21 (Clean).pdf) has been submitted by Mr. Peter Brown to the
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This is a 'clean' (no tracked changes showing) version of the latest
editors' draft, dated 21 Dec 2010

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