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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Groups - New Editors' Draft, 21 Dec 2010 - Clean (Editors'Draft-2010-12-21 (Clean).pdf) uploaded

I see a disconnect in the section Actions and Real World Effects:

Real World Effect
1011 A real world effect is a measurable change to the shared state of one or more 
1012 participants in an ecosystem.

1013 Real world effect implies measurable change in the overall state of the SOA 
1014 ecosystem as a result of some action. In particular, something changed that is relevant 
1015 to one or more participants in the ecosystem.

Problem: since we recognise that the state may be shared and private, Real World Effect WAS interpreted as a service result, service outcome, which might be shared or private, or had both values. If, according to this definition, a RWE is only shared state, then:
1) RWE != service result
2) if service returns only to the consumer and consumer does not share this result, the service DOES NOT produce RWE. Oups!

- Michael

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Subject: [soa-rm-ra] Groups - New Editors' Draft, 21 Dec 2010 - Clean (Editors' Draft-2010-12-21 (Clean).pdf) uploaded

The document named New Editors' Draft, 21 Dec 2010 - Clean (Editors'
Draft-2010-12-21 (Clean).pdf) has been submitted by Mr. Peter Brown to the
SOA-RM Reference Architecture SC document repository.

Document Description:
This is a 'clean' (no tracked changes showing) version of the latest
editors' draft, dated 21 Dec 2010

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