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Subject: new Figures 15 and 16

Hello Folks,

In the Gold Copy passed to Peter recently, former Figures 13 and 14 have became 15 and 16 but have not be corrected.

Ken's proposed putting a proper text around them but today I witnesed that this is not helping in reality.

I discussed SOA adoption with the Architectural Team of one of largest UK insurance company _Legal and General that has some representation in the US as well and pointed to our official Committee Specification Draft 03. Among other diagrams there were Figurs 13 and 14. It took architects less than a minute to point me that these digrams have the same mistake: description of the Service Iterface as well as Service Iterface do not own/have Business and Information model and that relationships have to be directed into opposite way.

It was a shame to me becuase I pointed to this problem but we hoped that the text can explain the diagram. Well, when the diagram is taken as wrong, no text helps and nobody reads the text because a trust and respect are in the doubts already.

We can agree to disagree in the team but it does not help much in the utside world; I cannot get why is it so a big deal to put the comprehencive "relatinship" into the diagrams and leave the text as it is. (Actually, the mistake is confirmed by the Figure 16, which is not about description but about real relationships documented wrongly).

This is just to share the experience in the reality checks.

- Michael


----- Original Message -----

From: Peter Brown

Sent: 02/16/12 02:48 AM

To: soa-rm-ra@lists.oasis-open.org

Subject: [soa-rm-ra] Groups - choreography (visio) corrected (2012-02-15) uploaded

Submitter's message
In response to note from Ken:
"The stereotype for Task 3 breaks over two lines. Comment 266 asked that this be fixed."
-- Mr. Peter Brown
Document Name: choreography (visio) corrected (2012-02-15)

Update - corrected layout issue in Task 3
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Submitter: Mr. Peter Brown
Group: SOA-RM Reference Architecture SC
Folder: UML models etc
Date submitted: 2012-02-15 18:48:04
Revision: 2


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