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Subject: Update of OASIS SOA-RAF document and Issues list - Decisions requested for next meeting **action required**


As discussed and agreed at this week’s meeting, we will be making a series of decisions at next week’s meeting:

-          To formally endorse the tacit decision to close a series of minor editorial issues;

-          To formally close another series of issues that are either minor edits, the result of consensus, or redundant;

-          To review, discuss and possibly agree on way forward on a small number of outstanding issues;

-          To note progress on issues that are ‘resolved’ (in sense that agreement has been reached on what needs to be done) but for which work is still remaining.


We have prepared a fully updated, cross-referenced and checked version of the document, published as “Working Draft 07” (WD07, pdf attached) and a fully re-vamped issues list.

Please use and refer to these documents only at next week’s meeting (both have today’s date in the filename 2012-05-11)


The issues list has been organized in four tabbed worksheets:

-          Closed (green tab) list – we circulated a separate note two weeks ago indicating these small issues which are no longer being tracked in the document (mainly typos and minor edits) – we need a formal vote to close these.

-          Recommended for closure (yellow tab) list – this is a second batch of issues which we feel can be safely closed as they reflect minor edits or consensus following detailed discussion in the TC – all these issues are cross-referenced as sidebar comments in the body of the WD07 document

-          Open Issues (blue tab) list – these are the remaining issues for which we need orientation and decision from the TC

-          To complete (red) list – this is a ‘heads up’ of progress on those issues kept open but which no longer require any substantive discussion/decision but just require follow up work.

Some further notes need to be completed in order to reply to comment submitters and explain the dispositions provided – this will be done forthwith.



-          the line numbers and fig references in the green and yellow lists refer to last July’s CSDPR02 (pdf);

-          the line numbers, fig refs, etc. for the other two lists (blue and red) are all updated to reflect the WD07 attached


If anyone has an objection to any issue from the green or yellow lists being closed next Wednesday please post to the list with an indication of the issue number. If clearly motivated and explained, the issue will be removed from the list of those to be closed with the block.


Please be on the call promptly next Wednesday, ready to kick off at 08.30 Pacific / 11.30 Eastern / 16.30 UK.

The following week, 23 May, we aim to wrap up the remaining items and move to submit to the full TC for a decision.


In the next few days, Ken and I will be promoting exchanges and new threads on the small number of outstanding issues with a view to resolving these within that timeframe.


We’re nearly there guys – please stick with us…






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