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Subject: RE: [soa-rm] Available sections for editors

Title: Message
I'll take 2.4
-----Original Message-----
From: Matthew MacKenzie [mailto:mattm@adobe.com]
Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2005 11:36 AM
To: 'SOA-RM'
Subject: [soa-rm] Available sections for editors

Here is a list of work we need done, with current editor assignments. Some sections have no editor assigned, so please volunteer.

If you already have assignments, please provide a draft to me by May 11. Text of plain MS word/rtf/pdf is fine for me, please do not edit a draft directly.

1 Introduction (matt)
1.1 Audience (matt)
1.2 How to Use the Reference Model (duane)
1.3 Notational Conventions (matt)
1.4 Relationships to Other Standards (peter b.)
2 The Reference Model (duane)
2.1 Services (ken l)
2.1.1 Service Composition (ken l)
2.1.2 Service Description (ken l)
2.2 Policy (frank)
2.3 Semantics (ron/frank)
2.3.1 Data/Information Model (vikas deolaliker)
2.4 Discovery, Presence and Availability (Open)
3 Conformance Guidelines (Open)
4 References (peter b.)
4.1 Normative (peter b.)
Appendix A. Glossary (peter b.)
Appendix B. Use Cases and Examples (Non-Normative) (Open)
Appendix C. Acknowledgments (matt)
Appendix D. Notices (matt)

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