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Subject: [soa-rm] Comment on Glossary

Working Draft Editors and TC Members,
While recognizing the disclaimer in Appendix A of Working Draft 10 of the OASIS SOA-RM Specification stating that this is still a work in progress (and why I'm not submitting an issue to the issues list), I did want to share an extract of the latest SysML Partners submission of the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) specification to the OMG's UML for Systems Engineering RFP on this very subject.  The passage in the spec reads as follows:
"Note: SysML v. 0.9 reviewer feedback found the previous version of this glossary to contain many definitions that were not meaningful to practicing system engineers, and numerous others that were inconsistent with the normative part of this specification, as well as itself. Consequently, the glossary is being rewritten so that all definitions will be meaningful to domain experts, and are consistent with the rest of the specification. The updated glossary will be included in the SysML v. 1.0 beta update."
Other specification communities are clearly struggling with this very issue and this is just another example.  I thought I would share this in an attempt to help us reconcile the contents of Appendix A prior to community review (and formal ratification).
 - Jeff Estefan, JPL

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