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spml-demo-tech message

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Subject: CA Identity Manager SPML Demo Server is now available for pre-Interop testing

CA Identity Manager SPML Demo Server setup

Our SPML V2 Demo PSP can be used to provision CA Identity Manager user accounts and roles. It supports all core requests, e.g. listTargets, add, modify, delete, and lookup, as well as the standard operations specified in the search, password, suspend, and reference capabilities.

Connection Details:

The SPML V2 WS is available for testing at:

Sample Requests:

Below are some sample requests that can be used to test our demo SPML Service. Alternatively, you may wish to download this neat zip file which includes all the requests in it.

Any questions please email: Van.Bui@ca.com or Jason.Paul@ca.com. We look forwards to receiving your feedback. Thanks.


Van Bui

Senior Software Engineer, eTrust

Computer Associates

Richmond, Australia

Tel:    +61 3 8416 5655

Fax:   +61 3 8416 5810

Email: Van.Bui@ca.com



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