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Subject: [stdsreg] minutes of StdsReg mtg 4 February

StdsReg N042
Minutes of the Standards Registry Committee conference call #17, 4 
February 2003 (submitted by John Ketchell)

(Call hosted by ANSI)

1. Introduction

Roll call and welcome.
Attendance: Bob Hager (acting as Chair in the unavoidable absence of 
Karl Best), Em DelaHostria, John Ketchell

The agenda was approved (N041).

2. Approval of record of previous meeting, 14 January (N040)

No comments had been received and the meeting deemed them approved if 
there were none before the next meeting.

3. Review of the status of the public review

Bob had prepared a synthesis of the comments made as a pdf document.  He 
would send this very shortly for the Committee's review and discussion 
at the next meeting.

4. Review of submission to ISO/IEC JTC1; report on the SC32 meeting

Bob reported he had attended the recent meeting of JTC1/SC32/WG2.  The 
Group was very interested in the StdsReg project, and had given it an 
enthusiastic reception. There had been some discussion of interface with 
ISO TC46, resolved by putting into place a strong liaison proposal.  Bob 
had been proposed as Editor, but instead had suggested Roy Gates be 

Frank Farrance had been appointed as liaison from WG2 to the Stds. Reg. 
Committee.  As a Committee, we needed to consider how to interact with 
the JTC1 work, although the NWI proposal had also cited OASIS and 
CEN/ISSS as liaisons.

The proposal would shortly be issued on a three month ballot to formally 
approve putting it on the SC32 work programme.  This gave us time to 
submit the results of the StdsReg enquiry process.  It was proposed we 
submit these through INCITS Committee L8 (which was the US Technical 
Advisory Group for SC32 ("mirror group" in European parlance) for formal 
submission, although of course the liaison partners could also submit them.

In response to a question from Em, Bob noted that the citation analysis 
activity in SC32 was related to search engines.  WG2 had agreed that the 
meta-data in the citation analysis would be compliant with the StdsReg 

5.  Discussion:  drop deliverables 2 and 3 from our Charter?

Bob and Em thought that John's draft annexed to N040 was along the right 
lines.  Further discussion was deferred until the next meeting.  Em 
suggested it might be useful to add some text to allow the Committee to 
consider issues related to the convergence of taxonomies.

6.  Any other business


7.  Schedule next meeting and solicit host

This would be on Tuesday 25 February, same time. Bob would check with 
Karl (note, since confirmed:  OASIS will host the meeting and notify the 
Committee of the relevant call numbers).

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