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Subject: Re: [tag-discuss] Keep It Simple: some options

On 07/12/06, Durand, Jacques R. <JDurand@us.fujitsu.com> wrote:

> (a) a TC charter that only targets a TA guideline as unique deliverable, and
> explicitly prohibit any work on a formal representation (e.g. XML mark-up).
> Any intent to do other deliverables beyond this guideline, after being done
> with the guideline, would require a re-chartering of the TC.

-1 to this. Is flying to the moon explicitly prohibited too :-)

> (b) a TC charter that targets a TA guideline as first deliverable
> (mandatory), and also allows the TC - should the TC consider it useful - to
> produce another deliverable (optional) containing a TA representation or
> mark-up. The TC may also decide (vote) at that time on the purpose of this
> mark-up, as it may impact its design. E.g. may decide that requirements for
> this mark-up are just for publishing concerns.

+0, perhaps caveated by the duration of the TC? I.e. only if we can
do it in the allotted time?
I think the last two sentances are redundant?

> (c) same as (b), but the 2nd deliverable - the TA mark-up or whatever
> representation - is not an option, I.e. it is understood the TC is supposed
> to produce it.

-1.  Charter needs to be explicit and measurable (eating our own dogfood)

> In all 3 above, the TC must focus on a guideline in a first phase, that
> excludes a mark-up or formal TA representation. It may work on a mark-up in
> second phase, and this deliverable will be distinct (a different document)
> from the guideline deliverable. Only, it is easier to do so when going from
> (a) to (c):

-1 Too many conditional clauses.

> - in (a), Re-chartering the TC to extend its scope is a bit more paperwork,
> and requires 2/3 majority to pass. Also needs be done with same IPR mode.

> - in (b), TC may decide either to NOT do the mark-up (simple majority vote),
> or to do it, after producing the guideline deliverable.

> - in (c), TC is committed to work on a mark-up after being done with 1st
> deliverable. (I know that some folks have mentioned they consider this an
> important output)

I guess that on completion of the initial deliverable, our opinions may have
changed? I'd rather leave further development until clearer views are
available at that time?


Dave Pawson

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