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Subject: Re: [tag-discuss] TA definition: one more try

Durand, Jacques R. wrote:
> Trying to blend the latest proposals on TA definition, in the blurb we 
> had before (e.g. it appears that the term implementation should be 
> replaced with "item under test"):
> " A test assertion (TA), also sometimes defined as test specification, 
> is understood in this charter with the following general meaning:
> A TA always refers to an item under test (IUT), either implicitly 
> or explicit if it is necessary that the TA identifies the item in some 
> unambiguous manner.
> A TA describes the expected output or behavior for the item under test 
> within specific operation conditions, in a way that can be measured or 
> tested.
> A TA may refer to an abstract test harness architecture that 
> characterizes test components in terms of their interaction with the IUT.
> Each test assertion is an independent, complete, testable statement 
> for requirements in the specification. Test assertions are generally 
> different from test cases, which are more detailed and contingent to a 
> concrete test framework: TAs are the basis to write test cases, and 
> relate the latter to the narrative of the target specification."
> DOes that satisfy everyone - at least for a charter definition ?
> NOTE: the "Test Metadata" W3C doc talks of "testable assertions" which 
> I think is not the same as TA here... right Patrick? (fearing to open 
> a new can of worms here...)
> -Jacques
It seems good for me.


Vladimir Sosnin
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