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tamie message

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Subject: Requirement: Enhanced Find operator

Requirement Type: Language feature

Requirement Name: Enhanced Find operator.

Requirement Description: Ability to Find/catch Event combinations.

Requirement Rationale: the current Find operator is only selecting one event, or a set of events based on one selection condition only. This operator cannot catch a combination of correlated events, where each one of which requires a different selection condition (e.g. select a combination of correlated messages: a PurchaseOrder, followed by a POAcceptance or a PORejection, followed by a POReceipt). To catch such a combination requires today to do the coding of such a workflow inside the Monitor script itself, while these details could be lowered inside the Find operator itself, when the combination is straightforward enough. An enhanced Find operator would also allow for optimized translation and query execution over a database: becomes the work of the Event Manager as opposed to the Script Language processor.


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