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tamie message

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Subject: TaMIE wiki is up !

Two sections have been created:
2- Issues
- members can put their Requirement Items directly in there (see samples), or send them on the mail list (where Stephen will pick them up). Their choice.
- If you enter your req directly in the wiki, please send a notice on the mail list.
- other people can add their comments inline on logged requirements directly in the wiki, using the requirement item as a discussion thread (see sample)
Stephen: Periodically, we could migrate these wiki reqs in a Requirements document version. That also would help if some figures / tables need be added for a requirement.
- for now, split into two categories:
, issues about requirements (rather for the document as a deliverable, since everyone can "discuss" requirements in the wiki.
. issues about specifications (event model & management, test script language and execution model) 

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