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tamie message

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Subject: Notes for informal meeting Jan 26

Informal meeting notes: (not an official meeting due to only 3 participants)
-Presents: Dale, Cho, Jacques (Stephen, Chuck excused)
- Cho reported on the current work in GITB , explained that the place of Test Case scripting is still TBD in their architecture.
- A demonstration will help define how GITB testbed can accommodate test scripts and their standardization.
- As deliverables for summer 2010: a POC / demo package should accompaign a complete draft of the spec, based
on Chuck's prototype which will be open-sourced.
- For now we put BPM monitoring and LTS manipulations on the back-burner.
- Cho will be in US 1st half of April and also 2 weeks in June: we may want to consider a F2F.
- Chuck checked with his management, will be able to participate this year although on a lighter base. Will focus on N.G. use cases and the open-source prototype.
- Event management: we will likely merge all in same language spec, under same namespace - for now.
(because there is a good deal of event board declaration in execution context of scriplets - hard to dissociate from
script language).

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