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Subject: Re: [tax] tax administrators' positionpaper

I very much agree with Philip's reluctence to make recommendations at this
point.  It seems to me that we don't as yet have any strong evidence to
make a case for one direction over another, other than for XBRL, some
jurisdictions are starting to use it.  Perhaps it may be better to frame
this section as an  "emerging directions" overview.


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                      Philip Allen                                                                                                       
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                                                 Subject:  Re: [tax] tax administrators' positionpaper                                   
                      05/21/2004 07:02 AM                                                                                                

On Friday 21 May 2004 11:05, Andy Greener wrote:
> I think the following supercedes the original ATO paper:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/tax/download.php/6304/OASIS%
> posted by Sandy on 7 April 2004. But is it the latest?

Hmm.  Looks like I read the wrong paper.

Having now re-read the 7 April version, I have one general comment.  I
wonder if we shouldn't be really cautious about "recommendations" at this
stage.  We are still, as a committee, working through the implications of
how to get these different standards to deliver a workable TaxXML
solution, and until we get closer to a conclusion it seems unwise to
recommend what that conclusion is going to be.

Surely it would be more useful to tax administrators out there if - to
repeat my comment in my previous email - we concentrated on analysing and
explaining the overlaps and fitness-for-purpose of the different standards
being proposed.

Philip Allen, Chairman      DecisionSoft Limited
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