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Subject: Re: [tax] Issues for v2.0 of position paper

On Thursday 08 Jul 2004 13:28, marc.van.hilvoorde@nl.pwc.com wrote:

> My point here: I also think that transportation is less relevant, but
> transportation is linked to security. And i do think security is
> relevant.

I'm afraid I disagree about security.  My own experience of government
projects is that there is a huge gap between the original specs which
demand absolute security and the actual implementations which tend to be
much closer to conventional communications (i.e. very little security at
all).  In the UK, at least, there is no movement towards a consensus.

My worry is that if Tax XML starts worrying about security issues we will
never reach agreement and it will significantly reduce the chances of
success for the project.

Just my two penn'orth.

Philip Allen, Chairman      DecisionSoft Limited
+44-1865-203192             http://www.decisionsoft.com

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