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Subject: RE: [tax] Attendees at face-to-face meeting

Title: RE: [tax] Attendees at face-to-face meeting

Hi, Andy.

I will be attending the F2F and am staying at the Berystede Hotel Conference Centre.  I will be arriving Wednesday in the early afternoon and am planning to meet with you all that evening for dinner and pre-meeeting preparation.  I will also be participating in the group dinner on Thursday evening. 

Looking forward to my first trip to England and a rousing meeting.


Susan L. Smoter
Director, Internet Development Services
Electronic Tax Administration
(202) 283-4881

-----Original Message-----
From: Andy Greener [mailto:andy@gid.co.uk]
Sent: Sunday, September 12, 2004 5:16 PM
To: tax@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [tax] Attendees at face-to-face meeting

If you haven't already done so, and you are coming (or planning to
come) to the UK face-to-face meeting on 23rd/24th September, please send me an email off-list to confirm when you are arriving and where you're staying (i.e. conf hotel or elsewhere). For UK attendees I'd like to know whether you'll be around on Wednesday evening or arriving for 9am on Thursday (and also whether you'll be joining us for dinner on Thursday evening). Thanks


Andy Greener                         Mob: +44 7836 331933
GID Ltd, Reading, UK                 Tel: +44 118 956 1248
andy@gid.co.uk                       Fax: +44 118 958 9005

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