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Subject: FW: Forming the Tax XML Liaison Team

The following mail has been send to the members of the OASIS UBL TC. I herby
ask for members of our TC to work in this ad hoc work team. I would
particularly value the participation of XBRL (GL) expertise in this group en
members involved in the Indirect taxation efforts.
I agree with Jon Bosak that the work of this team can take place off the
lists. To be sure that other interested persons in our TC can participate in
the discussions. I ask the members of the ad hoc group to cc relevant
documents to our list.

Harm Jan van Burg

Hello UBL TC,

In today's Atlantic UBL TC call, we decided to propose the
formation of an ad hoc team to work with representatives of the
OASIS Tax XML TC on defining Tax XML requirements for UBL 1.1.
Sylvia Webb (our liaison with Tax XML) and Mark Crawford (UBL TC
vice chair) volunteered to participate from the UBL side, and I am
proposing that Sylvia be designated the team lead.  Other
interested UBL TC members should contact Sylvia if they want to be
added to the team.  It is expected that the Tax XML TC will
appoint 2-3 members from their side to meet with our team.  As
usual with our ad hoc teams, scheduling of phone calls is at the
discretion of the members, and email discussion can take place off
the TC lists.  However, as with all ad hoc teams, a report to the
TC will be included on the standing agenda of our weekly TC calls.

The most immediate deliverable for this team is a clear
description of what needs to be or should be done to accommodate
XBRL data in UBL.  Issues to be resolved include, but are not
limited to, (a) a clear description of the technical problem and
(b) a proposed solution that does not raise IP issues with regard
to the inclusion within an OASIS specification of standards owned
by another organization.

If you have no objection to the formation of this team, do
nothing.  If you do have an objection, please express it via mail
to this list no later than COB Wednesday 13 October 2004.

Jon Bosak

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