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Subject: XBRL GL Announces release of Public Working Draft of the XBRL GL 2005taxonomy

I think that I said that I would send this to the Tax XML group on last call.
The XBRL GL working group will appreciate any comments that you send.


George Farkas
XBI Software Inc

The XBRL GL Working group is pleased to announce the release of the
Public Working Draft of the XBRL GL 2005 taxonomy, the XBRL 2.1
compatible GL taxonomy*.

This taxonomy is intended to provide a standardized format for
representing the data fields found in accounting and operation systems
and transactional reports that will allow organizations to tag journal
entries, accounting master files, and historical status reports in
XBRL. The modular set consists of the COR (Core), the BUS (Advanced
Business Concepts), MUC (Multi-Currency),USK (concepts for
"saxonic" accounting -  the US, UK, etc) and TAF (Tax Audit File) modules.

This modular taxonomy consists of a series of modules that extend the
basic identifiers for entries, agents, and resources to meet the needs
of specific jurisdictions, industries and need. It enables data from
the general ledger and transaction journals of an organisation to be
transported to XBRL financial reports.

* This taxonomy was acknowledged by the Domain Working Group on
Monday, July 11th 2005 (according to the Taxonomy Recognition Process
at http://www.xbrl.org/TaxonomyRecognition/) and we are releasing it
as a public working draft.

* Its exposure period ends 10 October 2005. Once changes based on
feedback are made, the XBRL GL Working group will seek formal Approval
of this taxonomy from XBRL International.

* This release is compliant with XBRL 2.1, Specification dated
2003-12-31 plus errata corrections dated 2005-04-25.

* The taxonomy files are now available for public comment at

* There is no intention for further development work on either of the
prior taxonomy releases (XBRL GL 1.0 or 1.1) by the XBRL GL working

This is a public working draft - circulation is unrestricted.
Recipients of the taxonomy are invited to submit their questions and
comments, and to submit notification of any relevant patent rights of
which they are aware and to provide supporting documentation. Direct
members of  XBRL and members of XBRL jurisdictions are invited to
contribute to the XBRL GL working group mailing list

Please send in your comments before 10 October 2005 for them to be
considered before the taxonomy is to be validated again and submitted
for Approval.

Comments should be sent to directly to XBRL-GL mailing list or to the
chair of the XBRL GL Working Group, Diane Mueller
<diane.mueller@businessobjects.com> if you are not currently a member
of the XBRL-GL mailing list.

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