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Subject: TaxXML Miami F2F Hotel Reservations

Greetings TaxXML TC members,

For those of you who plan to attend the face-to-face meeting next month in
Miami at the Park Central and plan to stay at the hotel, the deadline for
making reservations in the room block is January 15.  The room rate is $245
which is the same as the online rate.  However, the "Resort Fee" which can
be $20 per night has been waived.  The toll free reservation number for the
hotel is +1 800 727-5236 and the direct number is +1 305 538-1611.  Please
mention "Vertex - OASIS" when making the reservation.   Reservations can be
extended up to 3 days beyond the meeting time in either direction for the
same room rate subject to availability.

If you choose to stay at the Park Central, I would appriciate it if you
would let me know your plans if you have not done so already so that I can
coordinate with the hotel.  If you have already made a reservation directly
without using the room block, please let me know your dates of arrival and


John Glaubitz
Vertex, Inc.
1041 Old Cassatt Rd.
Berwyn, PA  19312
Tel: +1 484 595-5877

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