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Subject: Mapping of OASIS TGF to ISO38500

Hi everyone,

Geoff Clarke reported on this to the February TC meeting.

The TGF Committee Note on the “mapping” idea had been forwarded to JTC 1/SC40 (see attached document N0033) and indeed was given a positive welcome at the meeting of SC40’s advisory group on future work. Our submission actually covered two issues: the mapping; and also a suggestion that the paradigm of a “pattern language” might be considered by SC40 for future standards work around principles-based standards.


There was a broad consensus that the mapping should proceed as a “Technical report” (TR) and that the comments on Pattern Languages be submitted separately as there will be a new work item coming forward soon on “The structure of principles-based standards”.


Since new rules came into force in January, the production of a TR is a relatively straightforward development and adoption process: the relevant working group develops the draft internally, based on contributions and comments received; and once it feels it is ready, it is sent out to SC40 voting members for a single ballot for approval and publication.


As Convenor of SC40/WG1, I have issued an explicit “Call for Contributions” (see attached document N0035) for WG1 participants to make suggestions.

The WG (as with all JTC 1 sub-committee WGs) is made up of individual experts, not ‘delegates” or representatives from national or liaison bodies. Any expert can make a submission as an individual. The deadline for contributions is set as 17 April.


In terms of how we take this forward as a TC, therefore, I suggest the following:

1.       that the TC task Geoff and I to draft a contribution suggesting a structure and initial content for the proposed TR; and that they identify the parts or excerpts of the current TGF that they would like to reference and cite in the TR (based on copyright “fair use” rules);

2.       that the draft be circulated on the TC list for comment, edits, feedback, and additions;

3.       that the TC meeting on 16 April give its “blessing” for this to be submitted by Geoff and/or Peter as individual expert contributions to SC40.


This approach has the advantage of avoiding entanglement in some of the more byzantine but necessary IPR rules in OASIS and ISO while giving the TC an opportunity to offer its “moral” support to its liaison with SC40 (Geoff) and the WG1 convenor (myself).


If the TC agrees with this approach, I will work with Geoff to prepare a first draft as soon as possible and get this circulated to the list.


Best regards,





Peter F Brown

Independent Consultant


”Using Information Technologies to Empower and Transform”

200 S Barrington Ave., #49719

Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA

Tel: +1.310.694.2278



Attachment: ISO-IECJTC1-SC40-WG1_N0033_Mapping_OASIS_Transformational_Go.pdf
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Attachment: ISO-IECJTC1-SC40-WG1_N0035_Call_for_Contributions_to_a_TR_ma.pdf
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