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Subject: [tm-pubsubj-comment] New prospective member - Thomas Bandholtz


I've the pleasure to announce that, on his request, Thomas Banholtz is now a prospective
member of PubSubj TC, starting today.
He is in position of becoming a voting member by Barcelona meeting.

I've added his profile at

"Thomas Bandholtz works as a Senior Consultant and Project Manager for SchlumbergerSema
http://www.schlumbergersema.com , formerly Sema Group.
He is also head of the SchlumbergerSema internal XML Network.
He has been working on XML-based Thesauri and Gazetteers since years, using Topic Maps
since 2000.
Currently he is managing a R&D project developing a governmental Portal within the scope
of environmental protection in Germany."

You've already appreciated lately his input to the debate, so look forward for his future

Welcome Thomas !


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