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Subject: RE: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Tuesday conference

Title: RE: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Tuesday conference

> (from Lars-Marius)

> I feel that this discussion is becoming less and less useful, however.
> We seem to be drifting away from the subjects Thomas originally posted
> about, and those seemed to me to be the important ones. I am not sure
> how to fix this, however.

Right, we are not talking about the "Tuesday Conference" any more - this has only been where this swarm of subjects has started.

> Thomas, could you post a new explanation of what your dissatisfaction
> with the PubSubj TC work consists of, so that we can either explain
> why you are wrong or understand where we are wrong? And please explain
> your points clearly, because I have great problems understanding what
> it is you mean and what the rationale for your criticisms is. (This is
> just a suggestion, though. If you have better suggestions for how to
> get back on track I am all ears.)

Lars-Marius, I must say: This is a discussion style I rellay like very much. We should experience more of this. We do not fight each other. I try to explain as clearly as I can - some aspects are not quite clear to me as well yet.

I will continue using separate threads - may be some of them should rather go to tm-comments instead of pubsubj.

I am not able to start with an overall conclusion.

Thanks for your patience,

Thomas Bandholtz
CM / KM Division Manager; XML Network Moderator
Competence Center Content Management

Kaltenbornweg 3
D50679 Köln / Cologne
+49 221 8299 264

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